Hair Scents has gone through some changes over the years .

Starting with a new formula for our product , as you have read Angels' Dew is now a Hydrating Botanical Mist for Hair and Body .

We are very excited about this new formula and hope you will enjoy it to. Angles' Dew is now under a new ownership.

And We Wish the new ower the best of all successes ..

Thank You for your support throughout the years.

Teresa Rusmisel

Hair Scents was founded in 1997, by Teresa Rusmisel, New Jersey.

While experimenting with aroma-therapy blends for perfume, her daughters and friends started spraying the blends on their hair.

Thus Hair Scents was born.

Hair Scents has become a successful product for all ages and all types of hair.

In that same year Mrs.Rusmisel created a Web business for distribution of her product Hair Scents.

She created the designed her own e - business.

Hair Scents took off, and not just for Mrs. Rusmisel, but for major perfume companies, whom now carry their own product lines as hair fragrances, hair mist or hair perfume.

'Hair Scents'

has re-establishment  it's trademark as  'Angels'  Dew ' Hair Scents in 2008.  With much success and famliy support  the business has been pass on to the next generation.